9 Apr 2014

Breakfast Blues

My favourite meal of the day; Breakfast. The breaking of the fast, without it I'm miserable, literally! I 'splurge' on my breakfast, as I believe in the age old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! I truly push on the fact that it is, by all means, a necessity to have one moment of absolute solitude and tranquility before you head on off to your busy day! And what better way to accomplish that than by spending a few minutes in the morning with a hot date, breakfast.

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"But I'm too busy for breakfast!" If Audrey Hepburn has time to get dolled up and venture down to Tiffany and Co. to eat her breakfast then you inevitably have time to get out of bed and into your kitchen! Wake up that half an hour early, prepare it the night before and refrigerate it, sleep earlier, do anything that could give you that bit more time in the morning. We take it for granted, breakfast is there we just have to grab it! So eat, it's simple and easy, eat, eat and eat some more. Then let the day come at you like a gale force wind, but you'll be prepared since you're tummy is full and you're mind is nourished.

One of my top breakfast meals is white scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and spinach on top of granary toast! A breakfast filled with delicious protein and iron. I also include a green tea and carrot juice. Carrot juice has many benefits but one of the most important is the vital antioxidant called beta carotene; It helps the skin, is a rich source of vitamin A and fights of certain cancers! Hello healthy breakfast at its best. 

If you're looking for something a little more sweet than savoury in the morning then why not opt for another one of my favourites: brown toast with honey and blueberries! Honey is the healthy type of sugar and it has been said that one must eat a cup of blueberries a day, as they are full of antioxidants. Two birds one stone? It's messy, fun and extremely tasty!

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So what's your favourite breakfast meal? Sweet or savoury? Coffee or tea? 

Hopefully these tempting treats will convince you to kick-start your day in the right direction!
Until next time,

Love Rebecca

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